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Main services


Sea Transport

Comprehensive services to handle both full-container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) in the area of import and export in all ports around the world.

International maritime transport is a key area of our business.  We provide transport services around the world however connections from EU to North America, especially to the USA and Canada is our main focus.

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Rail Transport

Comprehensive rail transport services to and from ports are a part of our end to end delivery solutions. We pride ourselves in finding fastest, cheapest and most optimal solutions case by case.
Rail transport ensures a 10-20 days shorter delivery time than the sea transport. This translates into faster circulation of goods and financial resources. It also enables one to build a competitive advantage and ensures lower costs of capital locked up in the cargo (“just-in-time”).


Air Transport

Air transport is, above all, a quick way to deliver shipments to their recipients. It is perfect for transport of sensitive shipments.

The transport of goods by air is the fastest and most modern form of transport. It enables safe and timely delivery of loads to distant places, even those inaccessible to other means of transport. It is the best solution for shipments sensitive to time and temperature, as well as for express and valuable ones.

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Road Transport

We offer domestic and international road freight solutions. We supply services for neutral cargo, hazardous cargo, temperature control  cargo, volumetric cargo (120 m3) and loose cargo. We manage the fleet of different weight capacity from 1 ton up to 24 tons as standard and exceeding this for oversized loads. We cover distances in Europe in standard lead times as well express lead times by using double man team drivers or dedicated vehicles of low capacity.


Warehouse & Distribution

We have operational warehouses throughout Europe form an offer for both importers and exporters.

Warehouse logistics combined with transport services is a perfect complement for Customers who need, for example, short- or long-term storage, consolidation and deconsolidation.

We also offer cargo handling, repackaging and palletizing, stowage of goods, wrapping, weighing and labelling, as well as comprehensive customs services.

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Other Services


Customs Agency

We provide Customers who use the services of our Customs Agency with professional representation in the field of customs, goods and services tax in foreign trade and excise duty, as well as consultations on legal conditions and procedures governing international trade in goods.

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We offer cargo insurance, essential during transportation of goods. It is insurance for cargo during transport, whose primary role is to protect the financial interest of the goods owner in the event of damage.

The cargo insurance is primarily addressed to entrepreneurs, producers and traders, as well as exporters and importers.


Containers supply

Purchase, sale and rental of 

containers as well as depot services We also offer container repairs and repositioning of empty containers in Poland and Europe. We provide professional services to Customers who buy or rent containers such as repairs, clearing containers as goods, transport of containers to an indicated place with unloading,

as well as storage of containers at depots throughout Poland. We offer seaworthy and storage units.


Warehousing & Distributing

Professional advice provided by warehouse logistics expers

Network of storage and handling warehouses located in strategic locations near terminals and main transport routes. Our four own warehouses – in Gdansk, Gdynia, Warsaw and Lodz – and a network of operational warehouses throughout Europe form an offer for both importers and exporters.

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Project Cargo

Project forwarding is the most demanding branch of logistics and transportation. It is designed for the construction, industrial and manufacturing industries.

Transport of oversized loads most often relates to transport of large industrial structures for the power industry (e.g. generators, turbines, rotors, transformers), the chemical industry (e.g. reactors, cold boxes) and heavy industry (modules, filters, presses).



The warehouse in Gdynia is equipped with modern reloading equipment, including forklift with a lifting capacity up to 16 tons. Is also a temporary storage warehouse and bonded warehouse. It provides, among others cross-docking service, transhipment of goods of any weight and oversized, as well as container demoulding (e.g. containers with cars from the USA).

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